In the very heart of Armenian history

Grand Hotel Yerevan is only a 15 minute drive (12 km) from the Zvartnots International Airport. It is within easy walking distance to the Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the National Gallery, the Republic Square and Cascade, a monumental travertine stairway decorated with the sculptures of most prominent contemporary artists. Northern Avenue, the famous pedestrian street replete with bars and elegant boutiques, is just nearby.

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Grand Hotel Yerevan
Grand Hotel Yerevan is an elegant and refined hotel with a long and storied history. Its excellent location, within a short walking distance from Yerevan’s central Republic Square, makes it possible to enjoy the city fully and to reach all the main attractions of the capital. The spacious and comfortable rooms, the inner yard bar, the rooftop pool with panoramic view and the spa create a luxurious experience with relaxing accommodations.
The National Gallery was founded in 1921 as an art section of the State Museum. The foundation of the section was then expanded by purchasing numerous works of Armenian artists, as well as the allotment of rich collections of Russian and European art owned by The Armenian Palace of Culture in Moscow (former Lazarev Institute). Furthermore, dozens of works were donated by Armenian, Russian and European artists. Currently, the National Gallery’s collection includes about 26,000 works. You can enjoy the works of Donatello, Rubens, Tintoretto, Bryullov, Repin, Kiprensky, Kandinsky and others throughout the 56 exhibition halls.
The Opera and Ballet Theatre, named after Armenian composer Alexander Spendiarov, is housed in a marvelous building and is one of Yerevan’s architectural treasures. The theater is located in the center of Azatutyan (Independence) Square. It is comprised of two halls: an opera hall capable of accommodating 1260 guests, and a grand concert hall which can seat 1400. The original integration of the two halls into a single building made it possible to create such an expressive structure which won the gold medal at the Paris International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life in 1937.
The personal art collection of American businessman and philanthropist Gerard Cafesjian is now one of the biggest public museums of modern art in the Caucasus. In 2009, after the construction of the Cascade complex project by Alexander Tamanyan (the creator of the general plan of Yerevan), Cafesjian founded a museum and a sculpture park in this location where the works of Fernando Botero, Arshile Gorky, Jennifer Bartlett, Lynn Chadwick, Barry Flanagan and many other famous artists are exhibited.
The Republic Square is situated in the very center of the  city and was designed by neoclassical architect Alexander Tamanyan. The National Gallery and the History Museum of Armenia overlook Republic Square. In front of the museum, you can find the famous musical fountain, a popular public space known for its dazzling evening shows where the lights and water are choreographed in synchronization with the music.
Zvartnots Airport is the main international airport of Armenia. It is located in the suburbs of Parakar village, 12 km west of Yerevan, on the way to Etchmiadzin. The name of the airport is in reference to the 7th century Armenian cathedral of Zvartnots, a site that is counted among the world’s treasures  in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
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